Saturday, September 22, 2012

Step 3: The Arrival

So...I'M HERE. I can finally (honestly) say I'm excited.  Before, I'd have to say every other emotion was more overwhelming than the excitement.  But now, most of the anxiety is gone and the relief of finishing everything before taking off has made things much better.  My guess is that tomorrow will be even better (let's be honest here: I woke up at 6:30am Phoenix time to go golfing with Richard in Florence, AZ.  I caught 4 hours of "plane sleep" from LA to Auckland.  It is currently 2:30am Phoenix time, or rather, 44 hours later.  For all I know right now, I'm still on the plane dreaming all of this...or more likely: running down a mental checklist while *trying* to sleep and figuring out what I'll say in the blog.  Jeez, I hope it's far less rambling than what I'm "dreaming" right now...).

I haven't taken any pictures inside the hostel because in my sleep deprived state I haven't really talked to anyone and I think it may appear fairly creepy.  That's not totally true though, I did awkwardly introduce myself to my roommates by saying "hey, the desk person said you're in my room..." and then waiting for them to say the room number...which could've easily meant I was stalking them (yes, like saying this to a total stranger was less awkward than walking into a room where they know they'll have roommates and just meeting them there). But, if you're curious what the hostel looks like, picture every college dorm ever...this goes for the rooms, the lobby, and the people.  I'm not complaining (maybe a little), but sleep-deprived Me is finding it difficult to relate.

On that note!...I decided to look at apartments/houseshares/flatshares (whatever) today.  I was only able to meet up with one person and it was...ummm...well, she was very nice.  And by that, I mean she was 50 years old, with red hair, Croatian, and talked A LOT (no, really...).  Truly, only two of those things bothered me; constant talking and an age where I'm going to feel bad for the inevitable 2am stumble-through is probably not a recipe for success.  But I will say "WOW" to the location. The front room literally overlooked the river and I was probably 50ft from a giant jogging path that linked up to an even bigger one too. I want that...

Picture time:
- The first one is to show the kind of architecture that's all around here.  My hostel is probably 3 blocks into the page (I don't know how else to say that)
- The second picture is of a "mall" that looks like it used to be a museum...I was compelled to take a picture.
- The last picture is of the train line.  I am sufficiently lost and ever grateful that multiple people have answered my (what I can only determine from the looks on their faces) very stupid questions.  Ex: "Where do I buy a train ticket for the #8 train?" Ans: It's 50ft from me in clear sight to buy the ticket/pass. Also, there's an 8 tram; not a #8 train. Trams and trains are different things.  Quick note: Trams and trains may be different, but the pass to get on them is the same.  I'm thankful for this fact.
- Lastly, I fully realize I'll look back on these pictures and wonder what was going on and why I'd take pictures of such things.  My only hope is that you, the reader, can appreciate it. :)

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