Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Step 3b: Arrival Part 3

2 things to start:

- One, when do you stop calling something the "arrival"?  Sure, I've arrived, but have I settled (maybe...keep reading)?  I struggled with this, so instead there's "step 3b"...which is a half-baked naming convention and I know it.
- Two, I realize the blog frequency is a bit crazy right now (once every two days), I assure you this will slow down as things in life slow down...and as the mundane details in a new country reemerge as the mundane details that they truly are.

Place to live:

I HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE that's not with 3 adolescents in a room the size of a shoe box (I'll miss you hostel, RIP).  My roommates are the ones I talked about in the previous post where I said I brought wine (take that French guy and cute couple).  My roommates are Cara and Cath.  Cara is the one starting up the recycled textiles business and Cath is the one who makes "craps" (I laugh every time she says it).  Cath actually used to work in IT for 7 years before doing a working holiday visa here (the same thing I currently have) but she wasn't able to find work in IT here...yes, I'm worried, we'll get to that.  Pictures of the place and the two roommies are at the end of this post.  Lastly: Cath sent a text out to everyone else who wanted the room and the French guy responded very interestingly, "You could have had the rent and a good fuck, good luck with your fuck hunt."  Keeping it classy, bud.  Side note: he was a good looking dude, I would think he'd be able to do well enough without having to sleep with roommates (which would make awkward situations later).  Crazy takes all forms I suppose.


I played dress up today (picture at the bottom) and went to 6 recruitment agencies and handed out resumes.  I made it past the receptionist once, just once.  The rest of the time I was assured their website was more than adequate and that I didn't need to show up randomly without an appointment.  They may have put it nicer than that, but I didn't want to be in uncomfortable clothes without a purpose, so I continued walking awkwardly into multiple more agencies without appointments.  Tomorrow and Friday I'll try to call and set some stuff up, today was a trial run.  Oh, and if it wasn't clear from that meandering thought process, no, I did not have any good leads.  :)  We'll see what calling ahead and "registering" get me.


Cara is on the left; Cath on the right.

Living room on the 3rd floor.  Awesome patio.

I agree, this isn't a very good picture.  Just wanted to show there were 3 floors.  My bedroom is on the first floor and terribly uninteresting at the moment.

Me being vain, I may have texted this picture for affirmation that this get-up looked decent.

Update (9/27/2012): it was 9 recruitment agencies.  I took notes at each one and compiled it later.

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  1. A) Thank you for writing in train-of-thought, makes it easy for me to read.
    B) Glad all is going well
    C) Chick roommates = lots of uncertainty
    D) I expect extreme details if anything happens with roommates
    E) I am kind of wishing you had chosen the 50 year old Croatian woman, see C and D
    F) Keep posting, I like it