Thursday, January 24, 2013

Climbing and Interviews

Hello and welcome back.  In this installment we'll be discussing recent climbing trips and job interviews, things are 'moving up'...


I've been climbing the past two weekends and will be headed out in a few hours for a third weekend in a row.  The two trips below were to the Grampians ("the Gramps") and Mt. Arapiles ("Araps").  The majority of the climbing has been "trad" climbing. The first trip was with Andy (the 'fro), Evan (the mo'), and Genevieve (...clever handle is in the works, she took the pictures).  Second trip was minus The Mo' and plus Helene (pronounced LN, she's French/Irish).

A really cool photo to show how beautiful it was.  We had perfect weather both days; it was overcast and probably mid-70's.  Amazing.

Evan and I at the top of a climb.  Evan's doing the work (good on em') and I'm doing what a casting director has said I do very well...staring off.

The mo' in action.  He used one of the slings to tie the book to his harness so he could climb with it.  Clever chap.  There were a lot of good mo' quotes over the weekend, most can't be included here due to offensiveness and/or the need for plausible deniability.

Kangaroo and its Joey.  Yes, you do actually come across this.  It was CRAZY how many kangaroos there were and how close to the camp they got.  We saw this little gal on the way back from the second day of climbing.

We only saw one Koala...and it was the GIANT KOALA (Gen is next to it).  What!?  In case you were wondering, it is certainly random...but...less random than you'd think (yes, I absolutely want to go see all of these!):'s_big_things

The next trip was to the Grampians, I have less photos but where the quantity is lacking...I hope the quality makes up for it.

I did a "night climb" (I love you mom) with Gen.  I do not recommend night trad climbing.  Night sport was fun, night trad is frustrating and slightly more dangerous than I'd like.  I thought I was smiling in the picture above but apparently my angst got the better of me.  Either way, got a trad rack pic in. 

My pasty self decided enough was enough and I needed to bronze my arms and upper thighs.  Result: I looked like an asshole the entire day and now have purple streaks on my legs where I got sunburned.  You may also notice my extreme aptitude for fashion by gandering at my footwear.  Are those house slippers?  Yes, yes they are dear friend.  At least I was comfortable while I was burning my outsides!


I've had 3 interviews for jobs that I'd actually. like. to. have. in the past 3 weeks.  I'll talk about them a touch here.  No photos for this section, you'll be glad after you read it.  If you're curious just how neurotic I am, here's my google spreadsheet for how I've been keeping track of these things.

Interview 1: This was with a consulting company that does app design and back-end web design, I would've been a Project Manager for them.  Did I get all the way there and then realize my fly was undone?  Yes.  Did I possibly make it awkward for the receptionist when she likely heard an audible "ZIIIPPP"? Yes.  The interview went well but another candidate had more experience, on to the next!

Interview 2: This was for a FMCG company as a project coordinator for a software team.  Let's be honest, the company isn't the most exciting (they do expiration dates for foods).  The position still would've been cool and I would've been happy to work there, alas...I was "overqualified". Which, really begs the question: "If I'm so damn overqualified why did you interview me in the first place???"  Or perhaps the followup: "Were you hoping I had that amount of experience but was an idiot and you could therefore justify hiring me??"  It's cool, it's not like I'm bitter or anything...

Interview 3: This was yesterday, at a company that develops software for energy companies.  Heard back from the recruiter today, the company was "very impressed".  They also told me in the interview I was "overqualified" but that they were good with that.  Thank god.  I might've lost my shit (blew a gasket, gone helter skelter, freaked the fuck out) on them.  Apparently, according to the recruiter: "they went as far to say that they would've already made you an offer if it weren't for your visa".  Ah, and there's the rub.

If I get the job, you'll know via FaceBook.  Chat to all of you soon; as always, stay in touch and let me know how YOU'RE doing.  Some random photos are below, enjoy!


Kristin sent this to me.  This is how they do coffees here...and it would've been nice to have MONTHS AGO.  I can't be the only one who's completely lost at Starbucks and elsewhere.  Thanks for the send Kristin, very helpful!  Real quick though: a "long black" is an espresso with water added to it and a "short black" is just the espresso shot.  They RARELY do drip coffee here and when they do, it's boutique and not the 7-11 stuff we're used to.

Venus and Serena Williams playing doubles against two random girls who got their asses handed to them by the Williams sisters.  It was surreal to see them in person.  Btw...they're huge!  Not in a bad way, just in a physically imposing I'm-going-to-eat-your-children-if-you-beat-me sorta way.

We got free passes to the main stadium to see the last match of the day.  Helps to be lucky!  Thanks random people!

A picture that Richard took that I think came out really well.  Apparently he didn't have any pictures of himself being here either.  Anyway, city in the background over the Yarra river.

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