Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hello and welcome back.  This post is about a couple visitors and the travels we had.

Next post will be some trips I had recently that my mom will hate, some job news, and some notes on Australian culture that Kristin and Richard helped with.  Until then...


Kristin and Richard went Southwards.  Kristin booked her trip 3 months ahead of time and Richard booked his trip 4 days ahead of time.  It was great to have such different visitors, I again believe I'm lucky to have such good friends. Below is a list of things we did and whom with, this recap begins at the end of the last post (5 days in to K's trip):

- In Sydney we: walked the bridge, toured the opera house (I fought this...and was delightfully surprised to find it very worthwhile), went to Dawe's Point (awesome), road some ferries, toured an Aboriginal museum (price: free; quality: free...phew!), walked along Bondi and Bronte beach, rented bikes and toured Manly beach, and went through an arts market.  I took next to zero pictures throughout all of this except for what's below:

This was at a free art museum (so pictures are allowed).  I think what the artist was trying to say here is quite self evident...

A giant mirror outside of the museum: sometimes I have nostalgia over Optical engineering...

- Flew back into Melbourne and watched a Cricket match on Boxing Day (Kristin).  Ok, a couple things: One, cricket is more boring than baseball.  If you're a fan of baseball and golf and would like to see a game along the lines of baseball but at the speed of golf, well, here it is!  Most golf matches are played over four days...and so are Cricket Test Matches.  We saw day one, which we heard is the best one to see in the entire year.  After 3 hours...we decided to leave.  I can honestly say, neither of us knew the score and it was not for lack of trying.  Two, Boxing Day.  Every year on the 26th of December, the UK and Australia (and maybe other countries?) celebrate Boxing Day.  The point of it is the day when all of the rich would box up presents and give them to servants and less fortunate.  

As we sat there, a group of 5 guys behind us kept shouting/chanting: "what do we think of Kenny!?  He's alright.  What do we think of the ref!?  He fucked a bricklayer!  Twice last night and once in the morning."  After much searching online through cricket forums and urban dictionary...I still have no idea what the hell they were talking about...but I guess it's a bad thing?

- Yarra Valley winery tour (Kristin).  We went on a trip with the "Wines Guys" (it's a pun for "wise guys") which is Italian themed and they basically make jokes the whole time while driving you to 4 different wineries.  It was fun...and I got zero pictures again.  Luckily Kristin pulled the  Um...I'll be going was beautiful...and slightly inebriated (it = me...but only in a classy and composed way of course).  We made friends and CV found it's way into more hands...I realize this makes me sound like I'm whoring myself...I don't care.  :)

- I MOVED!! (me)  I'm in a new place.  My roommates are amazing.  But I can honestly say I'm extremely happy with the roommates I have.  I now live in Richmond, if you need a new address, send me an email.  Next time I move I'll be by myself, count on it...I will not be able to find better roommates.  I'll be living here until mid-March because I'm sub-letting the room.

- Fireworks for New Year (Kristin).

In case you forgot what fireworks look like...they don't look different in the Southern Hemisphere.

- Richard and his mom (mum if you're English) joined us Jan 1st.  He brought light heartedness, new ideas for places to visit, lots of walking tours...and general good times.  I managed to take zero pictures of his/their visit...this is obviously a theme...  Hopefully he'll share some before we reconvene. 

- We all walked the botanical gardens, which I HIGHLY recommend you do if you're here.  Which reminds me, I need to write up some suggestions for touristy stuff here in Melbourne.  

- Kristin took off Jan 3rd.  How you should remember her:

And how I will remember her!

- Richard took off the next day and I still have zero pictures.  Refer to Kristin's FaceBook page and it'll sooth what ails you as far as pics.

We'll chat soon, friends.  Hope to have some good news by then...all I can tell you at this point is I've had 2 interviews in 2 weeks, multiple call backs, and a couple of very promising recruiter chats.  This guy (me) is jobward bound...dammit!

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